Testing Makeup Products

See a lot of makeup reviews? Want to join but don’t know how?

Creating a video testing makeup products can be a fun and informative way to share your experiences with your audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a compelling makeup product testing video:

  1. Choose Products to Test:

Select a variety of makeup products you want to test. This could include new releases, popular items, or those suggested by your audience.

2. Research and Plan:

Research the products beforehand so you can provide useful information to your viewers. Plan the structure of your video, deciding on the format (e.g., first impressions, wear test, or full review) and how you’ll present each product.

3. Set Up Your Filming Space:

Ensure good lighting, preferably natural light, to showcase the products accurately. Set up your camera on a stable surface or use a tripod. Consider the background – a clean, clutter-free space is ideal.

4.Introduce Yourself and the Products:

Start your video by introducing yourself and giving a brief overview of the products you’ll be testing. Mention any relevant information, such as the brand, price, and where you purchased them.

5. Application Process:

Demonstrate the application of each product on camera. Share your thoughts on texture, pigmentation, ease of application, and any initial impressions. This is the time to discuss packaging as well.

6. Wear Test:

If applicable, conduct a wear test throughout the day. Check in with your audience at different intervals to show how the products are holding up. Be honest about your experience.

7. Share Your Thoughts:

After wearing the products for a sufficient time, share your final thoughts. Discuss any changes you noticed, how comfortable the products are, and whether they lived up to your expectations.

8.) Compare Products (optional):

If you’re testing similar products or shades, consider doing a side-by-side comparison. This can help your audience understand the differences and choose the one that suits them best.

9.) Address Audience Questions:

If you received questions or requests from your audience, address them during the video. This adds a personalized touch and engages your viewers.

10. Final Verdict:

Summarize your overall experience with each product and give a final verdict. Include recommendations and mention whether you would repurchase or recommend the products to others.

11. Call to Action:

Encourage your viewers to comment with their thoughts, share their experiences with the products, and suggest future products they’d like to see you test.

12. Editing:

Edit your video to ensure it flows smoothly. Add any close-ups or overlays to highlight specific details. Music and captions can enhance the viewing experience.

13. Thumbnail and Title:

Create an eye-catching thumbnail and choose a compelling title that accurately represents the content of your video.

14. Upload and Engage:

Upload your video to your chosen platform (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and engage with your audience through comments and social media.

15. Follow-Up

Consider doing a follow-up video or post after using the products for a more extended period. This provides a comprehensive review and helps your audience make informed decisions.

By following these steps, you’ll create an engaging makeup product testing video that entertains and informs your audience.