About Me


I started my makeup journey as a teenager and have been passionate about it for nine years. Over this time, I’ve explored various aspects of makeup, including wedding makeup, prom looks, photoshoots, and even ventured into creating content on YouTube.

Early Beginnings:

My interest in makeup sparked during my teenage years. I began experimenting with makeup on myself and friends, laying the foundation for what would become a long and rewarding journey.

Learning Process:

I immersed myself in the world of makeup through online tutorials, books, and attending workshops. I was inspired by various makeup artists who helped shape my style and techniques.

Evolution Over the Years:

Over the years, my skills evolved as I experimented with different styles and stayed updated on the latest trends. The challenges I faced during this period only fueled my determination to grow as a makeup artist.

Professional Experience:

I transitioned from personal makeup to providing makeup services for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and photoshoots. Each experience brought its own set of challenges, but I learned and adapted, contributing to my overall growth.

Educational Journey:

I invested in my education by taking courses and workshops, enhancing my formal knowledge of makeup artistry. These educational experiences played a crucial role in my skill development.

Inspiration from Other Artists:

Studying the work of other makeup artists became a cornerstone of my learning process. I drew inspiration from their skills, incorporated their techniques into my own style, and developed a unique approach to makeup.

YouTube Channel:

To share my passion and knowledge, I started a YouTube channel. Through tutorials, reviews, and other content, I connected with a wider audience, sharing my love for makeup and contributing to the beauty community.

Advice for Aspiring Makeup Artists:

For those starting their journey, I offer advice on building a portfolio, networking, and maintaining passion for the craft. Sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire and guide others in their makeup artistry endeavors.

Future Goals:

Looking ahead, I have aspirations such as expanding my YouTube channel, working with high-profile clients, and potentially launching my own makeup line. The journey continues, and I’m excited about what the future holds in the dynamic world of makeup.